Fluffy (ability)


Fluffy reduces damage from contact moves by 50%, but Fire-type moves do double damage. Fire-type moves that make contact do regular damage.

Game descriptions

Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
Halves the damage taken from moves that make direct contact, but doubles that of Fire-type moves.

Other languages

English Fluffy
Japanese もふもふ (Mofumofu)
German Flauschigkeit
French Boule de Poils
Italian Morbidone
Spanish Peluche

Pokémon with Fluffy

2nd ability
Hidden ability
759 Stufful Klutz Cute Charm
760 Bewear Klutz Unnerve
831 Wooloo Run Away Bulletproof
832 Dubwool Run Away Bulletproof

Fluffy as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Fluffy as a hidden ability.