Neutralizing Gas (ability)


Neutralizes abilities of all Pokémon in battle.

Game descriptions

Sword​/​Shield If the Pokémon with Neutralizing Gas is in the battle, the effects of all Pokémon’s Abilities will be nullified or will not be triggered.

Other languages

English Neutralizing Gas
Japanese かがくへんかガス
German Reaktionsgas
French Gaz Inhibiteur
Italian Gas Reagente
Spanish Gas Reactivo

Pokémon with Neutralizing Gas

2nd ability
Hidden ability
109 Koffing Levitate Stench
110 Weezing Levitate Stench
110 Weezing
Galarian Weezing
Levitate Misty Surge

Neutralizing Gas as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Neutralizing Gas as a hidden ability.