Normalize (ability)


Normalize causes all moves used by the Pokémon to become Normal-type, and attacking moves increase in power by 20%.

Normal-type Pokémon also gain STAB from those moves (which means an effective increase of 80%).

The following moves are not affected by Normalize: Hidden Power, Judgment, Multi-Attack, Natural Gift, Revelation Dance, Struggle, Techno Blast, Weather Ball, and damaging Z-Moves.

The move Flying Press deals Normal/Flying type damage instead of Fighting/Flying. Freeze-Dry remains super-effective against Water-types, but follows the Normal type chart against other types (e.g. neutral against Grass-types).


In Generations 4-6, Normalize did not increase damage (besides any usual boosts like STAB). All moves listed above except Struggle are affected by Normalize.

Game descriptions

All the Pokémon’s moves become the Normal type.
Black 2​/​White 2
All the Pokémon’s moves become the Normal type.
All the Pokémon’s moves become Normal type.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
All the Pokémon’s moves become Normal type. The power of those moves is boosted a little.

Other languages

English Normalize
Japanese ノーマルスキン (Normal Skin)
German Regulierung
French Normalise
Italian Normalità
Spanish Normalidad

Pokémon with Normalize

2nd ability
Hidden ability
300 Skitty Cute Charm Wonder Skin
301 Delcatty Cute Charm Wonder Skin

Normalize as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Normalize as a hidden ability.