Parental Bond (ability)


Parental Bond allows the ability-bearer to attack twice. The second attack hits with half the power, so in effect Parental Bond is equivalent to a 50% boost to all attacks.

It is the signature ability of Mega Kangaskhan. When the ability is in use, the mother and child each attack.

Game descriptions

Parent and child attack together.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
Parent and child each attacks.

Other languages

English Parental Bond
Japanese おやこあい (Oyako Ai)
German Familienbande
French Amour Filial
Italian Amorefiliale
Spanish Amor Filial

Pokémon with Parental Bond

2nd ability
Hidden ability
115 Kangaskhan
Mega Kangaskhan

Parental Bond as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Parental Bond as a hidden ability.