Pastel Veil (ability)


Pastel Veil prevents the Pokémon and its teammates from being poisoned. It also cures teammates of poisoning when it enters the battlefield.

Game descriptions

Protects the Pokémon and its ally Pokémon from being poisoned.

Other languages

English Pastel Veil
Japanese パステルベール
German Pastellhülle
French Voile Pastel
Italian Pastelvelo
Spanish Velo Pastel

Pokémon with Pastel Veil

2nd ability
Hidden ability
Galarian Ponyta077 Ponyta
Galarian Ponyta
Run Away Anticipation
Galarian Rapidash078 Rapidash
Galarian Rapidash
Run Away Anticipation

Pastel Veil as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Pastel Veil as a hidden ability.