Protosynthesis (ability)


Raises highest stat in harsh sunlight, or if holding Booster Energy.

Game descriptions

Scarlet​/​Violet Boosts the Pokémon’s most proficient stat in harsh sunlight or if the Pokémon is holding Booster Energy.

Pokémon with Protosynthesis

2nd ability
Hidden ability
Great Tusk0984 Great Tusk
Scream Tail0985 Scream Tail
Brute Bonnet0986 Brute Bonnet
Flutter Mane0987 Flutter Mane
Slither Wing0988 Slither Wing
Sandy Shocks0989 Sandy Shocks
Roaring Moon1005 Roaring Moon
Walking Wake1009 Walking Wake

Protosynthesis as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Protosynthesis as a hidden ability.