Synchronize (ability)

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If the opponent causes a burn, paralysis, or poisoning of a Pokémon with Synchronize, the opponent receives the status condition too. Self-inflicted status conditions (for example through the use of an item) are not passed on.


In Generations 3-4, bad poison is only passed on as regular poison.

Outside of battle

If a Pokémon with Synchronize is the leading party Pokémon, there is a 50% chance of each wild Pokémon encountered having the same nature.

Game descriptions

Passes on status problems.
Passes on a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.
HeartGold/SoulSilver Passes a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.
Black 2/White 2
Passes a burn, poison, or paralysis to the foe.
Passes poison, paralyze, or burn to the Pokémon that inflicted it.
Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
The attacker will receive the same status condition if it inflicts a burn, poison, or paralysis to the Pokémon.

Pokémon with Synchronize

2nd ability
Hidden ability
Abra 063 Abra Inner Focus Magic Guard
Kadabra 064 Kadabra Inner Focus Magic Guard
Alakazam 065 Alakazam Inner Focus Magic Guard
Mew 151 Mew
Natu 177 Natu Early Bird Magic Bounce
Xatu 178 Xatu Early Bird Magic Bounce
Espeon 196 Espeon Magic Bounce
Umbreon 197 Umbreon Inner Focus
Ralts 280 Ralts Trace Telepathy
Kirlia 281 Kirlia Trace Telepathy
Gardevoir 282 Gardevoir Trace Telepathy
Munna 517 Munna Forewarn Telepathy
Musharna 518 Musharna Forewarn Telepathy
Elgyem 605 Elgyem Telepathy Analytic
Beheeyem 606 Beheeyem Telepathy Analytic

Synchronize as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Synchronize as a hidden ability.