Icy Mountain Rd

Below are the details for the Icy Mountain Rd route in the Pokéwalker peripheral, and a list of the wild Pokémon that may appear.

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Route details

Unlock criteria 30,000 Watts (Post-National Dex)
Advantageous types Fire Ice Ground
Description A snow-covered road where a misstep could result in a fall-- it tests your trust in Pokémon.

Available items

Item Steps
X Defend 0
Full Heal 100
Max Repel 1,000
Damp Rock 2,500
Heat Rock 3,000
Smooth Rock 3,500
Icy Rock 4,000
Rindo Berry 4,500
Yache Berry 5,000
TM07 (Hail) 6,000

Pokémon list

The Pokémon available on this route are below, with the number of steps required under normal conditions and if your Pokémon has a beneficial type.

Pokémon Lvl. Group Steps Adv. Steps
Mareep 15 C 0 0
Swinub 16 C 0 0
Sneasel 28 B 3,000 2,250
Bronzor 20 B 3,000 2,250
Snorunt 28 A 10,000 7,500
Snover 31 A 10,000 7,500