Noisy Forest

Below are the details for the Noisy Forest route in the Pokéwalker peripheral, and a list of the wild Pokémon that may appear.

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Route details

Unlock criteria 0 Watts (Pre-National Dex)
Advantageous types Fire Ice Flying
Description A large natural forest that has been allowed to grow. Many Pokémon live deep in the forest.

Available items

Item Steps
Cheri Berry 0
TinyMushroom 200
Pecha Berry 500
Big Mushroom 700
EnergyPowder 800
Energy Root 900
Ether 1,000
Green Shard 2,000
Revive 2,500
Net Ball 5,000

Pokémon list

The Pokémon available on this route are below, with the number of steps required under normal conditions and if your Pokémon has a beneficial type.

Pokémon Lvl. Group Steps Adv. Steps
Spearow 5 C 0 0
Oddish 5 C 0 0
Paras 6 B 700 525
Venonat 6 B 700 525
Bellsprout 8 A 3,000 2,250
Wobbuffet 15 A 4,000 3,000