Spiritomb Wisps in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

One of the many requests in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is Eerie Apparitions in the Night. A girl named Vessa tells you that Hisui is in danger due to a Pokémon (Spiritomb) having broken free of its seal. The quest involves seeking out 108 wisps and sealing them in the Odd Keystone. Completing this task leads to an encounter with Spiritomb.

This page will list all the locations with images as we collate them - still a work in progress!

# Area Location Image
1 Jubilife Village
2 Jubilife Village
3 Jubilife Village
4 Jubilife Village
5 Jubilife Village
6 Jubilife Village
7 Jubilife Village Prelude Beach
8 Obsidian Fieldlands Aspiration Hill
9 Obsidian Fieldlands Deertrack Path
10 Obsidian Fieldlands Grueling Grove
11 Obsidian Fieldlands Heights Camp
12 Obsidian Fieldlands Horseshoe Plains
13 Obsidian Fieldlands Lake Verity
14 Obsidian Fieldlands Nature's Pantry
15 Obsidian Fieldlands Obsidian Falls
16 Obsidian Fieldlands Obsidian Falls
17 Obsidian Fieldlands Obsidian Falls
18 Obsidian Fieldlands Ramanas Island
19 Obsidian Fieldlands Ramanas Island
20 Obsidian Fieldlands Sandgem Flats
21 Obsidian Fieldlands The Heartwood
22 Obsidian Fieldlands The Heartwood
23 Obsidian Fieldlands The Heartwood
24 Obsidian Fieldlands Windswept Run
25 Obsidian Fieldlands Windswept Run
26 Obsidian Fieldlands Windswept Run
27 Obsidian Fieldlands Worn Bridge
28 Crimson Mirelands Bolderoll Slope
29 Crimson Mirelands Bolderoll Slope
30 Crimson Mirelands Cloudpool Ridge
31 Crimson Mirelands Cloudpool Ridge
32 Crimson Mirelands Cloudpool Ridge
33 Crimson Mirelands Cloudpool Ridge
34 Crimson Mirelands Cottonsedge Prairie
35 Crimson Mirelands Cottonsedge Prairie
36 Crimson Mirelands Diamond Settlement
37 Crimson Mirelands Droning Meadow
38 Crimson Mirelands Gapejaw Bog
39 Crimson Mirelands Golden Lowlands
40 Crimson Mirelands Golden Lowlands
41 Crimson Mirelands Holm of Trials
42 Crimson Mirelands Holm of Trials
43 Crimson Mirelands Holm of Trials
44 Crimson Mirelands Lake Valor
45 Crimson Mirelands Scarlet Bog
46 Crimson Mirelands Solaceon Ruins
47 Crimson Mirelands Ursa's Ring
48 Cobalt Coastlands Aipom Hill
49 Cobalt Coastlands Bathers' Lagoon
50 Cobalt Coastlands Coastlands Camp
51 Cobalt Coastlands Crossing Slope
52 Cobalt Coastlands Firespit Island
53 Cobalt Coastlands Firespit Island
54 Cobalt Coastlands Hideaway Bay
55 Cobalt Coastlands Islespy Shore
56 Cobalt Coastlands Islespy Shore
57 Cobalt Coastlands Ocean
58 Cobalt Coastlands Ocean
59 Cobalt Coastlands Sand's Reach
60 Cobalt Coastlands Sand's Reach
61 Cobalt Coastlands Spring Path
62 Cobalt Coastlands Spring Path
63 Cobalt Coastlands Tombolo Walk
64 Cobalt Coastlands Tranquility Cove
65 Cobalt Coastlands Veilstone Cape
66 Cobalt Coastlands Veilstone Cape
67 Cobalt Coastlands Windbreak Stand
68 Coronet Highlands Ancient Quarry
69 Coronet Highlands Bolderoll Ravine
70 Coronet Highlands Bolderoll Ravine
71 Coronet Highlands Celestica Trail
72 Coronet Highlands Celestica Trail
73 Coronet Highlands Celestica Trail
74 Coronet Highlands Clamberclaw Cliffs
75 Coronet Highlands Clamberclaw Cliffs
76 Coronet Highlands Fabled Spring
77 Coronet Highlands Fabled Spring
78 Coronet Highlands Heavenward Lookout
79 Coronet Highlands Heavenward Lookout
80 Coronet Highlands Heavenward Lookout
81 Coronet Highlands Moonview Arena
82 Coronet Highlands Sacred Plaza
83 Coronet Highlands Sacred Plaza
84 Coronet Highlands Sonorous Path
85 Coronet Highlands Sonorous Path
86 Coronet Highlands Stonetooth Rows
87 Coronet Highlands Wayward Cave
88 Alabaster Icelands Arena's Approach
89 Alabaster Icelands Avalanche Slopes
90 Alabaster Icelands Avalanche Slopes
91 Alabaster Icelands Avalanche Slopes
92 Alabaster Icelands Avalugg's Legacy
93 Alabaster Icelands Avalugg's Legacy
94 Alabaster Icelands Bonechill Wastes
95 Alabaster Icelands Glacier Terrace
96 Alabaster Icelands Heart's Crag
97 Alabaster Icelands Heart's Crag
98 Alabaster Icelands Icepeak Cavern
99 Alabaster Icelands Icepeak Arena
100 Alabaster Icelands Lake Acuity
101 Alabaster Icelands Lake Acuity
102 Alabaster Icelands Pearl Settlement
103 Alabaster Icelands Snowfall Hot Spring
104 Alabaster Icelands Snowpoint Temple
105 Alabaster Icelands Snowpoint Temple
106 Alabaster Icelands Whiteout Valley
107 Alabaster Icelands Whiteout Valley
108 Crimson Mirelands Shrouded Ruins - from Vessa