Route 11, Alola (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Route 11 in Alola.

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Generation 7


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Komala SMUSUM DayNight Common 26-29
Paras SMUSUM Day Uncommon 24-27
Ledian SMUSUM Day Uncommon 24-27
Ariados SMUSUM Night Uncommon 24-27
Pancham SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 24-27
Trumbeak SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 24-27
Gumshoos SMUSUM Day Uncommon 24-27
Morelull SMUSUM Night Uncommon 24-27
Komala SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 24-27
Alolan Raticate
SMUSUM Night Uncommon 24-27
Parasect SMUSUM Day Uncommon 26-29
Ledian SMUSUM Day Uncommon 26-29
Ariados SMUSUM Night Uncommon 26-29
Pancham SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 26-29
Trumbeak SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 26-29
Shiinotic SMUSUM Night Uncommon 26-29
Island Scan
Vigoroth SMUSUM DayNight Limited 27 Friday
Monferno SMUSUM DayNight Limited 29 Friday
Alternate S.O.S. encounters
Pangoro SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 24-27 Called by Pancham
Pangoro SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 26-29 Called by Pancham
Toucannon SMUSUM DayNight Uncommon 26-29 Called by Trumbeak