Secluded Shore, Alola (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Secluded Shore in Alola.

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Generation 7


Surfing on water

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Tentacool SMUSUM DayNight 40% 27-30
Finneon SMUSUM DayNight 40% 27-30
Pelipper SMUSUM DayNight 20% 27-30

Super Rod

Fishing using the Super Rod

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Magikarp SMUSUM DayNight 79% 10-30
Solo Form
SMUSUM DayNight 20% 10-30
Bruxish SMUSUM DayNight 1% 10-30
Alternate S.O.S. encounters
Gyarados SMUSUM DayNight UNCOMMON 10-30 Called by Magikarp