Shrouded Ruins, Hisui (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Shrouded Ruins in Hisui.

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Generation 8


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
GastlyGastly LA Night Uncommon
HaunterHaunter LA Night Uncommon
LickitungLickitung LA DayNight Uncommon
RhyhornRhyhorn LA DayNight Uncommon
RaltsRalts LA DayNight Uncommon
KirliaKirlia LA DayNight Uncommon
LickilickyLickilicky LA DayNight Uncommon

Shaking Trees

Shake trees in the Wild Area.

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Burmy (Sandy Cloak)Burmy
Sandy Cloak
LA DayNight Common