Johto Route 48 (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Route 48 in Johto.

Choose which generation of games you're playing to see the Pokémon and capture methods.

Generation 4


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
VulpixVulpix HGSS 21-25
GrowlitheGrowlithe HGSS 21-25
FearowFearow HGSS 21
GloomGloom HGSS 22-24
Farfetch'dFarfetch'd HGSS 25
TaurosTauros HGSS 20
HoppipHoppip HGSS 20
VulpixVulpix HGSS 21
DiglettDiglett HGSS 20
GrowlitheGrowlithe HGSS 21
GirafarigGirafarig HGSS 20
Hoenn Sound
PluslePlusle HGSS 20-21
MinunMinun HGSS 22-24
Sinnoh Sound
ShinxShinx HGSS 20-24


Headbutt large trees in the field

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
ExeggcuteExeggcute HGSS 2-25
HoothootHoothoot HGSS 2-19
LedybaLedyba HGSS 11-19
SpinarakSpinarak HGSS 11-19
PinecoPineco HGSS 2-17