Route 10 (Menhir Trail), Kalos (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Route 10 (Menhir Trail) in Kalos.

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Generation 6


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Rarity Levels Details
Sigilyph XY Common 19-20
Golett XY Common 19-21
Eevee XY Rare 21
Snubbull XY Rare 21
Houndour XY Rare 21
Electrike XY Rare 21
Emolga XY Rare 19-20
Hawlucha XY Uncommon 19-20
Yellow flower patch
Snubbull XY Common 20-21
Houndour XY Common 19-20
Electrike XY Common 19-20
Sigilyph XY Rare 21
Emolga XY Rare 19-20
Golett XY Rare 21
Hawlucha XY Rare 21
Eevee XY Uncommon 19-20
Horde encounter
Houndour XY Rare 10
Electrike XY Rare 10
Yanma XY Uncommon 10
Nosepass XY Uncommon 10