Sinnoh Floaroma Meadow (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Floaroma Meadow in Sinnoh.

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Generation 4

Honey Tree

Slather honey on trees to attract Pokemon

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
WurmpleWurmple DPPt 5-15
AipomAipom DPPt 5-15
SilcoonSilcoon DPPt 5-15
CascoonCascoon DPPt 5-15
BurmyBurmy DPPt 5-15
CombeeCombee DPPt 5-15
CherubiCherubi DPPt 5-15
HeracrossHeracross DPPt 5-15
MunchlaxMunchlax DPPt 5-15