Valor Lakefront, Sinnoh (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Valor Lakefront in Sinnoh.

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Generation 4


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Girafarig DPPt MorningDayNight Common 21-22
Kricketune DPPt Night Common 21-22
Girafarig DPPt MorningDayNight Common 26-28
Staravia DPPt MorningDay Common 26-28
Bibarel DPPt MorningDayNight Common 25-27
Graveler DPPt Night Rare 21-22
Staravia DPPt Night Rare 21-22
Kricketune DPPt MorningDay Rare 22
Geodude DPPt MorningDayNight Uncommon 20
Graveler DPPt MorningDay Uncommon 21-22
Staravia DPPt MorningDay Uncommon 21-22
Bibarel DPPt MorningDayNight Uncommon 21-22
Houndour DPPt Night Uncommon 27-28
Houndour DPPt MorningDay Uncommon 28
Staravia DPPt Night Uncommon 27-28
Kricketune DPPt Night Uncommon 26
Kricketune DPPt Morning Uncommon 27


Use the PokéRadar key item

Pokémon Games Times Rarity Levels Details
Nidorina DPPt MorningDayNight Rare 22
Nidorino DPPt MorningDayNight Rare 22
Nidorina DPPt MorningDayNight Rare 26-27
Nidorino DPPt MorningDayNight Rare 28
Nidorina DPPt MorningDayNight Uncommon 22
Nidorino DPPt MorningDayNight Uncommon 22