New Pokemon revealed in August CoroCoro

Pokémon X & Y — 09 August, 2013

This month's CoroCoro has leaked, and it has big news... literally. We'll have the major news in the next article but here are the new Pokemon and features revealed. Nintendo has now confirmed their details on the official website.

Bunnelby (left) is a Normal type Pokemon based on a rabbit. It has a new ability Cheek Pouch which will restore HP when a berry is consumed, on top of the berry's usual effects. So it may cure a status condition and restore HP, or restore more HP than normal.

Dedenne (middle) is an Electric/Fairy type Pokemon. It also has the Cheek Pouch ability. It also looks pretty similar to Pikachu/Raichu but there is no apparent connection.

Skiddo (right) a Grass type Pokemon based on a goat, and is the prevolution to Gogoat.

Another feature revealed was Super Training. This consists of various mini-games that boost Effort Values (EVs). One mini-game revealed sees your Pokemon take on giant balloon Pokemon on a football (soccer) field.

The Super Training feature also has a screen giving you a good visual overview of your stats and EVs (right) using a spider graph. The green area in the middle shows your base stats, while the yellow area shows EVs gained.

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