New Pokémon Aurorus and Tyrantrum leaked

Pokémon X & Y — 19 September, 2013

The evolutions of the recently-revealed fossil Pokémon have been leaked by a French news website and IGN respectively. They are named Aurorus and Tyrantrum. Aurorus learns a new move Freeze Dry which is Ice-type but also super-effective on Water type Pokémon.

In addition to this, a few details about the games have been confirmed. First, as was seen in the demos last month, only battles and cut scenes use the 3DS stereoscopic 3D effect (i.e. with the depth slider). The overworld uses the regular flat screen.

When capturing a Pokémon in the wild, the Pokémon in battle will now earn EXP. It was also confirmed that no Kalos Pokémon will get a Mega Evolution.

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