Roundup of minor X&Y features

Pokémon X & Y — 20 September, 2013

Various gaming websites are starting to post reviews and first impressions of Pokémon X&Y. Here are some interesting new snippets we have learned. We'll keep this updated as more comes in.

  • Supposedly X&Y include all Pokemon from all previous games, though it's not clear if that means available in X&Y itself or just tradeable like every other game.
  • As noted yesterday, no Kalos Pokémon will get a Mega Evolution.
  • Pokémon earn EXP even when you capture a Pokémon.
  • Masuda stated that the reason stereoscopic 3D is not used in the overworld was to allow them to add much more detail to the overworld and enhance the beauty aspect of the games.
  • Pokémon now make more natural sounds instead of the current computerised sounds.
  • The story gets going much quicker than in previous games.
  • Each of the starter Pokémon has a STAB move from the outset (i.e. Ember for Fennekin, Water Gun for Froakie).
  • You can run with the B button from the very beginning of the game.
  • You are gifted the Rollerskates before the first gym.
  • You can learn new tricks for skating if you defeat Rollerskating trainers.
  • PokéCenters now contain changing rooms to allow customising your character's outfits.
  • Café culture permeates the many cities and towns of Kalos.
  • Masuda stated they do not plan to release any balance patches to the games (e.g. to change the type chart or certain moves).

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