New Pokémon and potential Mega Evolutions discovered in X&Y

Pokémon X & Y — 01 November, 2013

Several new Pokémon and forms have been discovered by 3DS hacker Smealum. These are unconfirmed rumours at this point, but look very likely. Three new Pokémon appear to be event legendary Pokémon:

#719 Diancie - Rock/Fairy type
#720 Volcanion - Fire/Water type
#721 Hoopa - Psychic/Ghost type

There were also possible Latias and Latios Mega Evolutions leaked, as well as Fairy-type Arceus. To avoid further spoilers, images are on the full news post below.




Alternate [email protected] form

Arceus hacked into the game and holding the Pixie Plate

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