Changes to PokeBase points

Site Updates — 19 August, 2010

I have made a few changes to the way the user points on PokeBase work. The result of this is that many members points have dropped slightly. It is less than a 10% change, and less than 5% for most members. Nearly every member stayed in the same relative rankings.

The main change that was made is that you now lose 1 point when voting a post down. Previously, members were mistakenly being given a point for down-voting, which is exactly the opposite of what we want! The idea is to discourage pointless down-voting, but still allow everyone to point out incorrect answers though voting. Remember, one point lost is nothing when you have several hundred or thousand points :)

So please continue to use the Pokemon answers knowledgebase as normal, by voting up correct answers and the questions you find interesting/useful, and voting down incorrect answers or off-topic questions. Thanks.

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