New mystery Pokémon revealed in CoroCoro

General News — 13 July, 2015

The latest issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro has been leaked and it includes the silhouette of a Pokémon to feature in the next Pokémon movie.

Mysterious Pokemon

It's unknown whether this is an entirely new Pokémon or a new form for an existing Pokémon (although it does bear some similarities to the legendary Pokémon Zygarde). A trailer for the movie is due to be release this weekend.

UPDATE: The trailer for this movie is now showing in cinemas in Japan and reports are coming in of another new Pokémon appearing. It is a green blob with a red spot on its chest and one eye bigger than the other. Many sketches have started appearing online, the one to the right is supposedly the most accurate so far.

Again, no word on whether this is an entirely new Pokémon or related to an existing one.

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