New Pokémon 'Magiana' revealed by CoroCoro!

General News — 10 February, 2016

Japanese magazine CoroCoro has revealed a brand new Pokémon! It is named Magiana and is said to be made by humans 500 years ago. It will feature in the next Pokémon movie alongside Volcanion.

The new Pokémon, Magiana

It is apparently a completely new Pokémon, although it does bear some resemblance to Diancie and Klink. No word yet on its type or how it fits with other recently-revealed Pokémon and Formes, in terms of potential new Pokémon games. Note that a new Pokémon does not necessarily mean that the next game will be a new Generation, as Gen 4 Pokémon Munchlax was revealed before Emerald was released.

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