New Pokémon Yungoos and Pikipek revealed during Nintendo Treehouse event

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 14 June, 2016

Nintendo has just finished its Pokémon event at the gaming expo E3. During the gameplay, two new Pokémon were revealed!

Yungoos and Pikipek wild encounter in Sun/Moon

Yungoos is Normal type and is based on a mongoose. It is apparently always hungry, which makes it angry.
Pikipek is Normal/Flying and is based on a woodpecker. It can peck 16 times a second.

Various other details were also shown during gameplay. See below for details and screenshots.

The gameplay footage started like all Pokémon games do, with the player in their bedroom. Apparently you have recently moved to Alola. After leaving the house, they went to Route 1 and encountered the new Pokémon above.

Several improvements to the battle scene were shown. Pokémon now have realistic shadows. The battle menus also have an icon that allows you to quickly view information about each move. Each attack button also states when the move will be super-effective or not very effective. Tapping the enemy Pokémon will show you their details, including the Pokémon's type and what status effects have been inflicted such as Attack drops.

Pokémon details viewed in battle

Move details viewed in battle

The Pokédex has also been redesigned.

Pokémon Sun/Moon Pokédex

When nearing trainers, the screen fades slightly to indicate they will try to battle you if you get closer. Later on in the gameplay, the player battles their new friend in the game, Hau. This battle takes place in the middle of the town, and you have an audience!

A battle with an audience

A new type of battle was showcased called Battle Royal. This is a new battle system where four players battle against one another at the same time. Each trainer chooses three Pokémon and sends one into battle at a time. Each Pokémon can attack any of the other three Pokémon. The battle finishes when all of one player's Pokémon have fainted. The players are then ranked, and a victor is declared based on the number remaining Pokémon and the number of defeated Pokémon.

Battle Royal start screen

Battle Royal gameplay field

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