More Black & White Pokemon from September's Coro Coro

Pokémon Black & White — 14 September, 2010

Here are the rest of the pokemon revealed in the latest issue of Japan's CoroCoro magazine. The names are given left to right.

Yanappu, Baoppu, Hiyappu

These three pokemon are counterparts. Boappu on the left is Fire type, Yanappu in the middle is Grass type and Hiyappu on the right is Water type.

Desukan, Yooterii, Tamagetake, Doryuuzu, Dangoro

Desukan is a Ghost type pokemon, based on an Egyptian Sarcophagus.
Yooterii is a Normal type pokemon.
Tamagetake is a Grass/Poison type pokemon. It is based on a mushroom and styled like a PokeBall!
Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel and the evolution of Moguryu as expected.
Dangoro is a Rock type pokemon and rumoured to be the pre-evolution of Gigaiasu.

Ononokusu, Mebukijika, Denchura, Monmen, Churine

Ononokusu is a Dragon type pokemon, based on a praying mantis.
Mebukijika is Normal/Grass type and the evolution of Shikijika revealed last month. Like Shikijika, it changes with the seasons by sporting different antler designs.
Denchura (top) is a Bug/Electric pokemon, based on a tarantula.
Monmen (bottom) is a Grass type pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon Black.
Churine is a Grass type pokemon, exclusive to Pokemon White.

Basurao, Tabunne, Baffuron, Choroneko

Basurao is a Water type pokemon. It has two different forms, a Red Stripe and Blue Stripe form
Tabunne is a Normal type pokemon. It is classified as a Healing Pokemon, which sounds similar to Chansey.
Baffuron is a Normal type pokemon, similar to Tauros.
Choroneko is a Dark type pokemon and believed to be one of Team Plasma's regular pokemon.

That's now a total of 48 Pokemon officially revealed, plus a few yet to be confirmed. Once the games are out the information will be coming thick and fast so stay tuned! You can discuss these and the other Pokemon over in the chat room on PokeBase.

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