Rockruff evolution and more Ultra Beasts revealed

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 15 September, 2016

CoroCoro leaked recently and revealed new Ultra Beasts, as well as the secret behind Rockruff's evolution. This was followed up by an official announcement of the new Ultra Beasts:

They are UB-02 Absorption which is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, and UB-02 Beauty which is exclusive to Pokemon Moon. In the video we see the Ultra Beasts in a battle with Hala and his Tapu Koko.

Rockruff's evolution, Lugarugan (Japanese name) was revealed in CoroCoro. It has two different forms - Midday Form and Midnight Form. It's not 100% clear whether the evolutions are version-exclusive, or time-based, or both (e.g. only evolves during the day in Sun and during night in Moon).

Lugarugan Midday Form (left) and Midnight Form (right)

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