Pokémon Sun/Moon starter evolutions revealed!

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 04 October, 2016

A new video has been released by TPCi, showing the second stages of the starter Pokémon in Sun/Moon, as well as new features and an upcoming demo!

The starter middle stages are:

  • Dartrix, which remains Grass/Flying type.
  • Torracat, which remains Fire type.
  • Brionne, which remains Water type.

Also revealed is Festival Plaza, a place where you can play using communication features. Coins can be earned by completing various challenges, and Pokémon's base stats can be increased.

Another new feature is Poké Pelago, a paradise for your Pokémon. They are sent there from your PC Box where they can have fun and may find items or increase their stats.

Mega Evolution is confirmed to be in the game, using the Z-Ring.

Finally, a demo was announced for October 18th! In the demo you play using Greninja, who can then use a new ability Battle Bond to transform into Ash-Greninja.

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