Type: Null and Jangmo-o evolutions revealed in new video

Pokémon Sun & Moon — 14 October, 2016

New Pokémon have been revealed in the latest official announcement:

  • Silvally is the evolution of Type: Null. It stays Normal type by default but its ability Rks System changes its type based on the held item. It also has a unique move Multi Attack that matches whatever Silvally's current type is.
  • Hakamo-o is the evolution of Jangmo-o. It's Dragon/Fighting type and has the ability Bulletproof or Soundproof.
  • Kommo-o is the next evolution and has the same type/ability as Hakamo-o. It has a unique move, Clanging Scales.
  • Steenee is the evolution of Bounsweet. It stays Grass type with the Leaf Guard/Oblivious ability.
  • Tsareena is the next evolution, Grass type and has the ability Leaf Guard or the new ability Queenly Majesty which appears to block priority moves. It also has a unique move, Trop Kick, which appears to be a Grass-type kicking move.
  • Ribombee is the evolution of Cutiefly. It stays Bug/Fairy with the Honey Gather or Shield Dust ability.
  • Alola Forms were confirmed for Grimer and Muk. They are Poison/Dark and have the ability Poison Touch or Gluttony.

Finally, some new characters were revealed. Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island, and specialises in Rock types. Ilima is a trail captain specialising in Normal type.

Pictures of the new Pokemon:







Alolan Grimer

Alolan Muk

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