New Ultra Beasts revealed during Nintendo Direct

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon — 13 September, 2017

Two new Ultra Beasts have been announced during the latest Nintendo Direct, as well as additional details for the previously-announced forms. A new trailer has been released:

The new legendary Formes are in fact Formes of Necrozma. The one crossed with Solgaleo is named Dusk Mane Necrozma while the one crossed with Lunala is Dawn Wings Necrozma.

A special Rockruff will be given away to early purchasers of the game. This Rockruff will only evolve into the new Dusk Form Lycanroc. The Rockruff will know different moves depending on the game - in Pokémon Ultra Sun it will know Fire Fang, while in Pokémon Ultra Moon it will know Thunder Fang. The remaining moves are the same in both versions (Tackle, Bite, Happy Hour).

Lycanroc (all forms) also has a new Z-Move - Splintered Stormshards which deals damage and removes Terrain effects.

The new Ultra Beasts are codenamed UB Burst (exclusive to Ultra Sun) and UB Assembly (exclusive to Ultra Moon).

There will also be some new areas to explore in the Alola region including a surfer beach and a valley full of Pikachu.

New Ultra Beasts, UB Burst and UB Assembly

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