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Site Updates — 27 June, 2018

Today I'm pleased to unveil a new design for Pokémon Database! This change started life as a few minor tweaks to improve some aspects of the previous design (such as the search box not being visible on mobile), but it ended up growing into a full redesign. There have been quite a few code changes behind the scenes that should make the site feel a bit faster, and there are a couple of new pages.

Hope you like the new look! See below for the full list of changes. If you find any problems with the new design you can email me or post an answer on Meta-Pokebase here.

One of the major changes is that PokéBase, our Q&A section, now works fully on mobile. There were some issues with certain pages but the latest version of the software we use helped solve those issues.

The second major change is to the navigation menu. On mobile the menu items were a bit too thin, and as mentioned above the search box was also hidden (mainly because I couldn't find a way to reposition it). So the whole navigation menu has been redesigned to make the tap targets bigger and incorporate the search box.

The search itself has been improved, too. As before, typing will bring up instant results for Pokemon, moves, abilities, types, locations and items. On desktop computers you can press the Tab key on any page to jump straight to the search box. Pressing the Up/Down arrow keys will scroll through the results, then hit Enter to go straight to the highlighted link.

That also meant there was some blank space in the header so I took some inspiration from v2 of PokemonDb when we had Electivire there; this time I added Zeraora.

Other minor changes include:

  • We now have separate stat table pages for each generation, e.g. Black/White stats, showing just the new Pokémon introduced in those games.
  • Evolution chains now look a little better on mobile.
  • Many images now load on-demand (i.e. only when they're visible) so pages load quicker and mobile users will use less data.
  • The stat bars in the Pokédex have more colours: they now range in intervals of 30 from red (low stat) through orange, yellow, lime, green and finally turquoise for amazing stats (150+).
  • The type coverage checker now allows you to click as many types as you like. This is useful if you want to check type coverage for multiple Pokémon simultaneously.
  • You may have noticed if you came to the site via Google search that you get an even faster loading page sometimes. This is known as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and allows you even quicker access to the site if you're on mobile. A page showing the AMP logo in Google search results will load instantly. We set this up for Pokedex pages a while back, but now it's been expanded to moves, abilities, types and the Pokemon lists for each game (e.g. the Alola Pokedex).
  • If you're already feeling nostalgic for our old design you can view previous versions of the site on the about page.

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