New location guide now online, plus quick-search

Site Updates — 21 November, 2010

I finally got round to finishing our location guide, which has been in the works for a little while now. It lists every Pokemon in every location, across every game of the Pokemon series so far!

In the Pokedex you will now see an updated list of locations, with each route linking to a full page, showing all the pokemon you can find there. Or you can start on the location main page which simply lists the available routes.

The design isn't anything special right now but we will be making a lot of changes to the guide in the coming weeks, to make it much easier to browse. Locations for Black & White will probably come in the new year, or at least before they are released in America.

Finally, we also have a new search facility, located on the right of the menu. (The old sharing buttons have moved to the bottom of the page.) It searches all Pokemon, moves, types, abilities as you type. It uses some fancy modern browser technologies, so if you are using the latest version of your web browser (Chrome/Firefox/IE) you will see instant results, otherwise it will be a second or two after each letter you type.

So whatever page you're on, you can quickly jump to another pokemon or move asap!

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