'Live-stream' of Galar forest to reveal new Sword/Shield info

Pokémon Sword & Shield — 27 September, 2019

It has been announced that this Friday, a live-stream will be set up of Glimwood Tangle, a strange forest area in Galar. The aim is to apparently assist Sonia, one of the characters from Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, with her research.

The live-stream will start from 1pm UTC (6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST) on October 4th and runs for 24 hours! Check in now and again and there is sure to be something new.

The message from Sonia reads as follows:

My name’s Sonia, and I’m a Pokémon researcher. Here in Galar, I’m always helping out with research for my gran—Professor Magnolia, that is!

I’m sending this message because I could really use your help with some research I’m doing.

Next week, a camera will be set up in a strange forest here in Galar known as Glimwood Tangle, and the camera will begin broadcasting live footage.

The broadcast will last for 24 hours! If you could take a gander when you have time, that’d be just great. Thanks in advance!

Here is the stream:

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