Pokémon of the Year results announced and Zarude revealed

General News — 27 February, 2020

The Pokémon Company has revealed the results of Google's Pokémon of the Year vote that ran a few weeks ago. We'll get to that shortly but following the top 10 countdown they revealed a new Mythical Pokémon, Zarude.


Zarude is Dark/Grass type and has the ability Leaf Guard. It's known as the Rogue Monkey Pokémon, is 1.8m tall and weighs 70kg. A video showing it in action has been released:

Now on to the Pokémon of the Year results. The top 10 are revealed in this video from Pokémon Japan and are listed below.

Over 6.6 million votes were cast in total!

  1. Greninja (140,559 votes)
  2. Lucario (102,259 votes)
  3. Mimikyu (99,077 votes)
  4. Charizard (93,968 votes)
  5. Umbreon (67,062 votes)
  6. Sylveon (66,029 votes)
  7. Garchomp (61,877 votes)
  8. Rayquaza (60,939 votes)
  9. Gardevoir (60,596 votes)
  10. Gengar (60,214 votes)

An official site has been set up at pokemon2020.pokemon.com allowing you to view the top 30 Pokémon from each region. We've also put together an infographic showing all the published results:

Official artwork of Zarude:

Zarude official artwork
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