Pokemon Black & White starters

Pokémon Black & White — 01 June, 2010

A little while back the starters for the upcoming fifth generation games, Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, were revealed. As is customary they are Grass/Fire/Water type.

The three starters for Black & White are the usual Grass, Fire and Water types
  • Tsutaaja is a Grass Snake Pokemon. Its height is 0.6m and weight is 8.1kg.
  • Pokabu is a Fire Pig Pokemon. Its height is 0.5m and weight is 9.9kg. Its ability is Blaze.
  • Mijumaru is a Sea Otter Pokemon. Its height is 0.5m and weight is 5.9kg. Its ability is Torrent.

That's the Japanese names; the English names have not yet been confirmed. The abilities are the same as every other starter Pokemon; they power up moves of their respective types when HP is below 13.

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