Extended gameplay trailer released, reveals Farigiraf

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet — 06 October, 2022

A new 14-minute trailer has been released for Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, mostly recapping old information but also introducing some new features. A new Pokémon, Farigiraf was revealed, which is an evolution of Girafarig. It remains Normal/Psychic type, and can have one of two new abilities:

  • Cud Chew, which recycles a Berry once more, on the next turn.
  • Armor Tail, which prevents opponents from using priority moves.

Among the other features revealed were:

  • Wild Terastal Pokémon - in the wild you can find glowing Pokémon, which become Terastallized when entering battle. Once their HP drops low they stop being Terastallized and you can catch them.
  • It was also confirmed that every Pokémon can be found in each of the 18 Tera Types.
  • A Let's Go command, which instructs your Pokémon to go out and battle wild Pokémon on their own. Pokémon sent out on the map can also pick up items.
  • On the map you can set a marker as your destination.
  • A TM Machine at each PokéCenter, which lets you craft your own TMs using items that Pokémon drop such as Starly Feather
  • Hair Salons allow choosing different hairstyles, as well as eye shape and color.
  • A camera app with which you can take photos of yourself and your Pokémon.
  • Picnics, similar to camping and Pokémon Amie from previous games, when you can play with your Pokémon.
  • Pokémon Eggs may sometimes be found at picnics.
  • During Tera Raid Battles, if your Pokémon gets knocked out, it can recover and rejoin the battle after a short while. You can also cheer during the battles to boost your Pokémon's Attack, Defense, or heal up.

UPDATE: three more Pokémon were briefly shown on the mini-map at 7:16 in the trailer - alongside Rookidee from Sword/Shield were two white mice, a green parrot with a top hat, and a mushroom-like creature.

Official artwork for Farigiraf:

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