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Site Updates — 02 January, 2011

Following on from our Heart Gold & Soul Silver section opened before Christmas, I've added two new sections for the Sinnoh games: Diamond/Pearl and Platinum.

The DP section explains the changes that were introduced in Generation IV, such as the new type/category system for moves. It also lists which Pokemon you can only find in one game, and the Sinnoh gym leaders/Elite Four.

The Platinum section has some detail on the Distortion World, Battle Frontier and other new features. Plus the lowdown on the gym leaders, Elite Four and their rematches.

I also made a change that was requested through meta-Pokebase, to keep images show or hidden. By default, when you go to the stat Pokedex (and now many other pages as well), the Pokemon icons are hidden. If you click the link near the top of the page, it will permanently turn on the icons across the various pages. It may slow the pages down slightly (if you are using an older browser) but so far I haven't had any problems while testing it.

Finally, another small change - on our various tables across the site, like the stat Pokedex, the header now scrolls with the page, so you can always see which column in which - useful!

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