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Site Updates — 27 January, 2011

It's been a long time coming but finally we can unveil a big new section to Pokemon Database! On the moves section of every Pokemon's pokedex, you will see links to different generations under each table. This will take you to the appropriate page for that Pokemon.

So you can now, for example, see Generation III moves for Swampert if you are playing Emerald, or the scant 30 attacks that Golem can learn in Generation I.

Like the main Pokedex page, each table is tabbed where appropriate, if Pokemon learned slightly different moves across different games. For example, Dugtrio learned Tri Attack in Crystal but not Gold/Silver.

Last but not least, I have taken Diamond/Pearl moves off the main Pokedex pages to clean up the page a little, since most people will have now moved on to HG/SS and soon Black/White. In many cases they are identical to Platinum which is still listed for now.

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