New egg move guides for every Pokemon!

Site Updates — 10 July, 2011

We have yet another cool section to unveil at Pokemon Database today! This one is a guide to the egg moves that Pokemon can learn.

We already list the moves every Pokemon can learn by breeding in each Pokedex. Now every Pokemon gets an extra page which shows you how they can get those moves. Simply click the link by their egg move list in the Pokedex.

For example, Hydreigon learns Dark Pulse by breeding. With the Hydreigon egg moves page, you can see all the compatible parents. No compatible parents learn by level up, and only the Hydreigon family learn by breeding, but you can teach the Dark Pulse TM to Arbok, Gyarados or Seviper in Generation 4, then migrate to breed with the Hydreigon family.

Similarly for Weavile, with just a few clicks you can figure out how to get Ice Punch by chain breeding from Medicham to Lopunny to Weavile. Or, save some time by sketching moves with a Smeargle!

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