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Site Updates — 22 January, 2012

If you've visited our Pokedex recently, you may have noticed we made some changes! At the top you'll see the Pokedex data has been split into three sections: the standard Pokedex data; a Traning section containing EVs, catch rate, etc; and a Breeding section containing egg groups and egg cycles.

And on the left you will find the Pokemon's name origin (a.k.a. 'etymology'). Huge thanks to members of our community who helped thoroughly research the names. I like to think we now have the best, most canonical source of Pokemon name origins on the internet.

You can also see the entire list of etymologies for all 649 Pokemon on one page! It's amazing how diverse Pokemon names are, from simple animal names to complex scientific terms. Check out the page below: you are bound to learn something new!

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