Gym leaders for Black/White 2 confirmed

Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 — 16 June, 2012

The gym leaders for Black 2 & White 2 have been confirmed in a new guidebook. First up, your friend Cheren from Black & White has risen up to become a gym leader, and is the first leader you encounter.

There are also two new gym leaders, Homika and Shizui (English names TBC) who specialize in Poison and Water types respectively. Homika's gym is a music club, while Shizui's gym features a lily pad puzzle.

New gym leaders Homika (Poison) and Shizui (Water)

The other gyms remain the same. Full list below...

  1. Cheren - Normal type - Basic Badge
  2. Homika - Poison type - Toxic Badge
  3. Burgh - Bug type - Insect Badge
  4. Elesa - Electric type - Bolt Badge
  5. Clay - Ground type - Quake Badge
  6. Skyla - Flying type - Jet Badge
  7. Drayden - Dragon type - Legend Badge
  8. Shizui - Water type - badge name unknown

One other notable thing from the guidebook is that it lists the Bug type as normal effectiveness against the Ghost type instead of not very effective. This is likely to be a mistake in the guidebook, however.

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