Keldeo event upcoming at Gamestop/Game stores

Pokémon Events — 21 August, 2012

Nintendo has announced a new event! The Amazing Colt Pokémon Keldeo will be available in most branches of Gamestop in America. In Canada, it is available from EB Games stores, while in the UK you can get it in Game and Gamestation shops.

It will know the moves Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick and BubbleBeam. The event runs from August 27th to October 6th in USA/Canada, and September 1st to October 11th in the UK. Simply take your DS and copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White to your local store on that date, in the menu select Mystery Gift then Receive via Wireless.

Furthermore, when Keldeo is transferred to Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 (which are released later in the year), it will be able to learn the special move Secret Sword and change to Resolute Form.

For those with the Japanese versions of Pokemon BW2, the legendary Pokemon Genesect has also been released over wi-fi! This obviously implies that English games will get the same event before the year is out.

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