New Pokemon revealed and lots of X&Y info

Pokémon X & Y — 17 May, 2013

Hey folks, this post is quite late but we've got a lot of news for you! Plenty more details have been revealed about Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

First up, the new region is called Kalos and is based on northern France. See map below. The large city (seen in previous trailers) is Lumiose City and is based on Paris. It includes a large tower not unlike the famous Eiffel Tower.

Next, four new Pokemon have been revealed:

They are, from left to right:

  • Fletchling, Normal/Flying type, a small bird based on a robin.
  • Pancham, Fighting type, is based on a panda.
  • Gogoat, Grass type, is based on a goat. It was revealed that Gogoat can actually be ridden around Lumiose City.
  • Helioptile, Electric/Normal type. It learns a new move, Parabolic Charge, which heals the user for half the damage it deals to opponents (basically an Electric version of Giga Drain).

The box art has also been revealed, and it looks great! It confirms that the legendary Pokemon Xerneas is available in Pokemon X, while Yveltal is available in Pokemon Y. Continue below for more images and a gameplay trailer.

Here is a new gameplay trailer that shows more areas and Pokemon battles!

Below is the map of Kalos. it was also revealed that the Pokedex will be split into 3 areas. Click the map to see the large version.

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