More X&Y information from June's CoroCoro

Pokémon X & Y — 12 June, 2013

The fun never stops, eh? Even more news is leaking from CoroCoro. First up, new Pokemon. These two are known as Furabebe and Shishiko in Japanese. English names yet to be confirmed.

Furabebe (left) and Shishiko (right)

Furabebe is based on a flower and is Fairy type. It is 0.1m tall and weighs 0.1kg, making it the smallest and lightest Pokemon ever.
Shishiko is based on a lion cub and is Fire/Normal type. It is 0.6m tall and weighs 13.5kg.

These two are the first two stages of Vivillon's evolutionary line and are called Kofukimushi and Kofuurai in Japanese. The latter's English name was previously revealed during E3 as Spewpa.

Kofukimushi, Spewpa and Vivillon

The first gym leader has also been revealed to be called Violet and uses Bug types. (This fits with previous rumours that the first and second gyms would be Bug and Fairy.)

Your friends/rivals in the game are apparently called Callum and Serena.

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