Iron Barbs (ability)


When a Pokémon with Iron Barbs is hit by a move that makes contact, the attacker receives damage equal to 18 of their maximum HP.

Multi-hit moves (e.g. DoubleSlap) activate Iron Barbs for each strike.

Game descriptions

Black 2​/​White 2
Inflicts damage to the Pokémon on contact.
Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
Inflicts damage to the attacker on contact with iron barbs.
Sword​/​Shield Inflicts damage on the attacker upon contact with iron barbs.

Other languages

English Iron Barbs
Japanese てつのトゲ (Tetsu no Toge)
German Eisenstachel
French Épine de Fer
Italian Spineferrate
Spanish Punta Acero

Pokémon with Iron Barbs

2nd ability
Hidden ability
597 Ferroseed
598 Ferrothorn Anticipation
777 Togedemaru Lightning Rod Sturdy

Iron Barbs as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Iron Barbs as a hidden ability.