Mega Launcher (ability)


Mega Launcher increases the power of all aura and pulse moves by 50%. Heal Pulse boosts the HP restored by 50%.

Moves affected

The attacks classed as aura and pulse moves are shown below with their normal and boosted power:

Aura SphereFightingSpecial80120
Dark PulseDarkSpecial80120100
Dragon PulseDragonSpecial85128100
Origin Pulse*WaterSpecial11016585
Water PulseWaterSpecial6090100
Terrain PulseNormalSpecial5075100
Heal PulsePsychicStatus50% HP75% HP

* No Pokémon with Mega Launcher can learn this move.

Game descriptions

Powers up aura and pulse moves.
Ultra Sun​/​Ultra Moon
Powers up aura and pulse moves.
Sword​/​Shield Powers up aura and pulse moves.

Other languages

English Mega Launcher
Japanese メガランチャー (Mega Launcher)
German Megawumme
French Méga Blaster
Italian Megalancio
Spanish Megadisparador

Pokémon with Mega Launcher

2nd ability
Hidden ability
009 Blastoise
Mega Blastoise
692 Clauncher
693 Clawitzer

Mega Launcher as a hidden ability

No Pokémon have Mega Launcher as a hidden ability.