White Lake

Below are the details for the White Lake route in the Pokéwalker peripheral, and a list of the wild Pokémon that may appear.

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Route details

Unlock criteria 50,000 Watts (Post-National Dex)
Advantageous types Electric Grass Dragon
Description A lake concealed in white mist. It lends a very mysterious feel to the area.

Available items

Item Steps
Cornn Berry 0
Magost Berry 1,000
Rabuta Berry 2,000
Nomel Berry 2,500
Spelon Berry 3,000
Pamtre Berry 3,500
Watmel Berry 4,000
Chople Berry 4,500
Kebia Berry 5,000
TM68 (Giga Impact) 10,000

Pokémon list

The Pokémon available on this route are below, with the number of steps required under normal conditions and if your Pokémon has a beneficial type.

Pokémon Lvl. Group Steps Adv. Steps
Chinchou 17 C 0 0
Remoraid 19 C 0 0
Haunter 25 B 500 375
Buizel 28 B 1,000 750
Chingling 22 A 5,000 3,750
Misdreavus 32 A 6,000 4,500