Useful characters

As in all Pokémon games, Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee have many special characters (often known as NPCs) located all over the region. These characters can teach moves, appraise your Pokémon or give out items.

Partner Move Tutor

Location: Cerulean City, Celadon City PokéCenter, Fuchsia City PokéCenter

This move tutor teaches exclusive moves to the starter Pikachu or Eevee. He first appears in Cerulean City PokéCenter offering a limited number of moves, which are then expanded in Celadon City and again in Fuchsia City.

See the Move tutors page for more details on the moves.

Madame Celadon

Location: Celadon City PokéCenter

A brand new mechanic in Let's Go, Madame Celadon is able to change the nature of Pokémon encountered in the wild, similar to the ability Synchronize. It costs $10,000 and lasts for a short period (exact details TBC). She asks two questions:

  1. There are five flowers of different colors in front of you. Which flower do you water?
  2. Now, among the five flowers I mentioned earlier, which one will you think out if you have to?

Both times the possible answers are colors, which correspond to the stats raised or lowered respectively for each Nature. The colors are:

  • Red - Attack
  • Yellow - Defense
  • Blue - Special Attack
  • Green - Special Defense
  • Pink - Speed

So for example, choosing Red for the first question and Blue for the second question would correspond to an Adamant Nature, which increases Attack and decreases Special Attack. Check our Natures page to find the corresponding stats required.

Move Reminder

Location: Indigo Plateau

The Move Reminder teaches level-up moves to Pokémon that have forgotten them. Some Pokémon have moves that can only be learnt this way (shown as learning at Level 1 in our Pokédex).