Route 11 (Miroir Way), Kalos (location)

This is the Pokémon Location guide for Route 11 (Miroir Way) in Kalos.

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Generation 6


Walking in grass or a cave

Pokémon Games Rarity Levels Details
Hariyama XY Common 22-23
Staravia XY Common 22-23
Throh XY Common 22-23
Sawk XY Common 22-23
Nidorina XY Rare 21
Nidorino XY Rare 21
Chingling XY Rare 21
Stunky XY Rare 21
Dedenne XY Rare 21-22
Horde encounter
Starly XY Rare 11-12
Nidoran♀ XY Uncommon 11
Nidoran♂ XY Uncommon 11
Stunky XY Uncommon 11