Pokémon move groups

Below are some sets of moves in which each move shares a common attribute, such as never missing or getting a OHKO.

Infinite accuracy moves

Below are all the moves that always hit, regardless of accuracy or evasion stats. Moves such as Sand-attack have no effect on them.

Aerial AceFlyingPhysical 60 20
Aura SphereFightingSpecial 80 20
Feint AttackDarkPhysical 60 20
Magical LeafGrassSpecial 60 20
Magnet BombSteelPhysical 60 20
Shadow PunchGhostPhysical 60 20
Shock WaveElectricSpecial 60 20
SwiftNormalSpecial 60 20
Vital ThrowFightingPhysical 70 10

1-Hit Knockout moves

These moves will always faint a Pokémon in one hit. The catch is that the accuracy is extremely low for obvious reasons. Furthermore, they will only succeed if the user is of a higher level than the target Pokémon.

FissureGroundPhysical 30 5
GuillotineNormalPhysical 30 5
Horn DrillNormalPhysical 30 5
Sheer ColdIceSpecial 30 5